Newsletters 2004-2017


Unfortunately, these links below to my earlier essays no longer work. You can get an idea of what that site looked like if you visit:*/

If you click on some of the links or highlighted dates in a previous year, you will get to the old site and can access some older essays there (although the recipes might not link). Pretty well all the recipes from the old site were transferred to the new site in 2017 so no worries about finding a favorite recipe. If you can't find something, just email me.


Previous Monthly Essays from A Note From Marcy:

Essays to tickle your funny bone, wake up your inner baker, twinge on your heartstrings, or make you smile and say, I've know the feeling; I know the place. If you missed an essay, or a season in baking or inner sensibility, we invite you to stroll through our archived Notes From Marcy.


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