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Pies - Tarts

4 Free!! Incredible Thanksgiving Desserts!

4 Recipes make up one amazing collection of Thanksgiving tastes in one sweet quartet, including Prize Winning Pecan Crunch Pumpkin Pie, Thanksgiving Pumpkin Biscuit...

Almond Cottage Cheese Pie

Bake and chill and then luxuriate in this rich but not too rich, cottage cheese based sweet almond pie. Serve with sour cream or...

Alsatian Apple Tart

This is one of the first tarts anyone learns in hotel school or if you are from Alsace, by your mother’s side. Concentric circles...

Americana Apple Tart

 I suggest a mix of Golden Delicious, MacInrosh and Cortland apples for this recipe. I have a ton of apple cake, pastries, and pie...

Apple Berry Tart

A rich pastry crust (not as rich as tart dough) lines a springform works best. This tart is filled with mounds of apples and berries and...

Apple Cider Donuts

New England Apple Cider Doughnuts to enjoy by the fire in a cozy LL Bean sweater. Wow, these are wicked good donuts!  Boiled apple...

Apple Cranberry Tart Cake

This is the perfect marriage between cake and pastry - it is a showstopper that will bring raves. Use soft sweet apples (such as...

Apple Rhubarb Crostata

Over 1570 downloads! This is a crowd pleaser that adapts to almost any fruit but in summer or fall, it's perfect with an apple-rhubarb...