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A bunch of books about baking and cooking

The Newish Jewish Cookbook

Over 140 Recipes for fabulous Jewish heritage food! Holiday and Everyday Recipes, Fresh Spins on Delicious Traditions.

From a leading voice of Jewish cuisine, Epicurious, New York Times contributor and host of, Marcy Goldman, chef-author of A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking comes a delicious collection of the very best tastes from the Jewish kitchen. Featuring original, tri-tested recipes showcasing traditional favorites as well holiday and seasonal offerings, new twists on classics and vegetable-forward dishes to suit every appetite. Exciting recipes include New Way Hanukkah Latkes, Sweet Potato Pie Kugel, Feathery-Lite Matzoh Balls, Sumac-Laced Fattosh, Deli-Style Blintzes, Rosemary Asiago Knishes, Montreal Smoked Meat, Homemade Pastrami, Sirachi Sweet Brisket, Couscous Salad Royale, and Sabbath Lemon Garlic Roast Chicken. Brimming with vibrant spices representing the regional influences from America, Central Europe, the Sephardic kitchen, The Newish Jewish Cookbook is soul food for everyone!

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Best Bagels, The Baker's Dozen, Volume Three

Welcome to the third book in my Baker's Dozen series of little books on our favorite types of baking. In Best Bagels, you'll enjoy a baker's dozen of totally awesome, authentic bagels including New York Style Water Bagels, Original Montreal Bagels, Cinnamon Whole-Wheat Raisin, Rosemary Sea Salt and zesty Cheddar Cheese Bagels. All the baker's tips and tricks for bagels at home from a pro, Marcy Goldman, Master Baker and Creator, (Don't forget you get one month all recipe access to BB with each purchase - just email your electronic proof of purchase)

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The Baker's Dozen Best Scones, Volume Four

What's more versatile, elegant and mouth-watering than homemade scones? Welcome to a little baking book that rounds up the best of the best of sweet and savory scones from traditional Classic Flaky Buttermilk Scones or Bridgerton Golden Oatmeal Scones to sumptuous new creations like Cinnamon Bun Scone or a decadent Tollhouse Chocolate Chunk. Perhaps you'd like to try berry-delicious Blackberry Honey-Dipped Scones, New England Cranberry Orange or rustic Maple Walnut Scones. Autumn will cue you to bake up Pumpkin Pie Latte Scones or Double Cheddar Scones and in summer, the Sweet Raspberry Ricotta Scones are hard to beat. There's so much more in The Fourth Baker's Dozen Best Scones Cookbook. Pastry chef Marcy Goldman's newest cookbook explores the world of scones along with the secret pro tips to make your scones blue-ribbon winners.


The Tenth Anniversary Edition of Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking

My first cookbook, a Julia Child First Book nominee, which has become a classic, now in a new anniversary edition, complete with a 35 new recipes (a bonus cooking chapter of my own recipes for the cooking, versus baking, of the holidays) and a ton of photos. This edition is replete with stunning recipe photos and is a legacy cookbook to share, pass down and buy as gifts. It features all the favorites you'd find in a New York bakery from statuesque cheesecakes, breads, bagels, babka, rugulah, Bakery Style hamantashen with all the flavor you could ask for - It is for beginner or pro bakers and all you need to keep your holiday table sweet, warm and memory and tradition filled.

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The New Best of

An expanded edition of the well-loved and sought-after baking bible, with 35 new recipes, all-new photos and a fresh look. With the huge popularity of Marcy's latest title, A Passion for Baking (over 140,000 copies sold) and the timeless Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking, it was time to release this awesome new edition. Before every home baker had their own blog, Marcy Goldman was sharing her mouth-watering recipes and practical baking tips on the ground-breaking website Her engaging style and unique, bespoke recipes made it an underground favorite with bakers; the recipes began to gain a world-wide reputation for creating the best cakes, cookies, breads and muffins out there. It wasn't long before The New York Times was praising the site for its superior design, delicious food and entertaining and informative essays. This book collects the best recipes and essays from the much loved website, presenting them for the first time in an accessible cookbook.

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A Passion for Baking

Over 160 Photos, Over 200 Recipes including Mall Blueberry Muffins, Caesar Salad Bread, Hot Buttered Popcorn Bread, Strawberries and Cream Shortbread, Almost Levain Chocolate Chunk Cookies, Caramel Layer Cake, countless exotic biscotti, a rustic grainy, healthy chapter, a Baker in a Hurry chapter, bistro-styled Pizza, Just Cheesecake, the best ever recipes for any celebration in the Holiday Chapter (world's best shortcake, Black Fruitcake and White Chocolate Stolen) and so much more. This is one of my all-time bestselling books and it's a treasure of a book; it's as if a family owned bakery-cum Starbucks moved into your kitchen. Like all of my cookbooks, it is chock full of baker's tips and techniques.

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Best Holiday Cookies: Baker's Dozen Series Volume 1

Over 13 Delectable Recipes!

Thirteen delectable, unique, original cookies, including World's Best Shortbread, Dulce de Leche Cookies, Chocolate Souffle Cookies and more! Includes thirteen secret, amazing baker's tip from the Master Baker herself.

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The Baker's Four Seasons

Over 175 Beautiful, Seasonal Baking Recipes (plus A Bonus Tea & Coffee )

Nutella Banana Bread, Pumpkin Eruption Cheesecake, Bistro Style Apple Tart, White Chocolate Muffins, Country Blueberry Cobbler, Caramel Layer Cake, Meyer Lemon Crumble and more! The Baker's Four Seasons is a harvest of outstanding recipes including casual baking to special occasion treats and holiday show-stoppers. There's also a Bonus Tea & Coffee Chapter. This cookbook is bursting with exceptional (and easy) recipes that are Marcy Goldman's trademark. Baking, like life, starts and ends with the seasons – Over 175 recipes to enjoy the times and tastes of your life all year long - fall, winter, spring or summer.

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Best Biscotti: Baker's Dozen Series Volume 2

Over 13 Delectable Recipes!

Nothing beats a crisp and biscotti! Sweet but not decadent, biscotti are perfect with coffee or tea and make a great gift. This is a blue-ribbon book of classic but original biscotti recipes including Little Italy's Double Almond Biscotti, Sugar Cinnamon Walnut Biscotti and Chocolate Chunk Biscotti. Check out fresh sensations like Clementine Cranberry Orange Biscotti, Blueberries ‘n Cream Biscotti and Sweet Potato Pie Biscotti. Tucked in-between the recipes you'll also find thirteen baker's secret tricks of the trade to ensure that you also bake up professionally-styled biscotti that have that one-of-kind homemade taste!

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When Bakers Cook

Over 175 Delectable Recipes!

Red Velvet Waffles, Apple-Brined Roast Chicken, Buttermilk Vanilla Pancakes, Restaurant-Style Caesar Salad, Butternut Squash Soup with Fried Kale, Pumpkin Ravioli, Rustic Pizza Blanca, Caramel Apple Pie, Carrot Cake Biscotti and more! This is a veritable treasure chest of a chef's personal blue-ribbon recipes, all bundled up in one sensational book, destined to be grease-stained with use, shared and well-loved. Generously stocked with eleven chunky recipe chapters, bursting with a vibrant mix of American comfort foods with a world beat twist, from breakfast to decadent desserts, this is the quintessential contemporary cookbook - a Joy of Cooking for the new millennium.

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Love and Ordinary Things

Poems from the Wheatfield and Kitchen

What sort of poetry comes from being a master baker, mother of sons, wheat's handmaiden, tango dancer, mistress of scents and a woman with a Jane Austen romantic bent? Personal, riveting, evocative, sensual poems that tell a tale from kitchen to fields of grain to the baseball diamond, to dance floors with worn patinas of unending tangos danced till midnight and a heart that takes no prisoners. This is a special and highly personal collection of poetry of the baker & cookbook author who danced tango in cowboy boots and baked bread in a frilly apron and raised three boys into men along the way. It includes poems of all seasons and reasons, light on tears but rife with heart and spirit. It is one person's unique recipe for life and love in poems.

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Tango Confidential

Tango Confidential is a little bit Bridget Jones Diary, meets Nora Ephron and all tied up with a Jane Austen bow

How to you create the perfect recipe for romance? Take a cookbook author/single mother of three, add some tango lessons and cue the seductive music of the bandeleon. Stir until everything bubbles into a romance that never quits and a melody line that has your soul running right through it.

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