Tango Confidential, a Memoir from the Dance Floor


Tango Confidential

Tango has a litmus test of tango chemistry which is quite simple: someone asks you to dance and you say yes. He walks you to the dance floor, pauses, faces you and then opens his arms, inviting you into the foyer of the house that is him. The music hasn’t begun but there you are, two strangers already intimately connected in perfect stillness but for the duet of breathing just under the surface. You can hear his breath and feel his heartbeat and the echo of your own. Then the music starts and the dance begins. Only eight bars of music in and you already know if this is pedestrian or paradise.  And that is how you fall in love in thirty seconds.

From Chapter 3, How to Fall in Love in Thirty Seconds, Tango Confidential


Tango Confidential is a little bit Bridget Jones Diary, meets Nora Ephron and all tied up with a Jane Austen bow

How to you create the perfect recipe for romance? Take a cookbook author/single mother of three, add some tango lessons and cue the seductive music of the bandeleon. Stir until everything bubbles into a romance that never quits and a melody line that has your soul running right through it.

Marcy Goldman, a professional pastry chef and writer wandered into her first tango class over two decades ago and never looked back. Hours after her marriage ended, she registered for dance lessons that marked the beginning of a journey that is still evolving. A heady daylight mix of car pools, bake sales and online dating is counterpointed by the night time seduction of a mid-life, lyrical romance, Argentinian style, Tango Confidential chronicles Goldman’s two decades of a unique tango life in this book of riveting vignettes from the dance floor, including How to Fall in Love in 30 Seconds, Blind Man Dancing Tango, Prelude to a Kiss, Ballroom vs Tango Wars, and the Dairy Queen Tango.  It’s Bridget Jones Diary meets Nora Ephron all tied up with a Jane Austen bow.

Marcy Goldman is a master baker and host of www.Betterbaking.com.  She’s been a contributor to The New York Times, The Washington Post, Bon Appetit, Epicurious, Huffington Post and a is leading voice at Medium.com. Her best-selling cookbooks including When Bakers Cook, A Passion for Baking as well a poetry collection, Love and Ordinary Things.

Tango Confidential is available in print and e-book and you can (as a start) find it at Amazon (world-wide).



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