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Pies - Tarts

Apple Slab Pie

Slab pies or pies made in a sheet pan are crowd pleasers in a few ways. Visually they’re extra appealing and they’re perfect for...

Apple Strudel in the Round

Filo dough does the trick here. I also use this method of layer butterered filo in a springform pan for Swan Lake Strudel filling...

Apples and Honey New Year’s Rugulah

What is more natural at this time of year than an exclusive and new rugulah? Apples and honey fill a tender, buttery dough and bake...

Apricot Crostata

A crisp and buttery crostata dough cradles a nest of apricot slices. Crostata’s always look like a pro did it!   Pastry  2 1/2...

Bailey’s Irish Mist Apple Crisp

What could be better than a beautiful apple crisp, spruced up with creamy Baily’s Irish Cream or O’Casey’s Irish Cream. This brings this homey...

Berry Rhubarb Pie Dough Strudel

Pie dough, some fruit and a sprinkling of sugar and wow - pastry power. Nothing beats berries and garden rhubarb (even frozen from last...

Best Ever Chocolate Silk Pie

A dark and velvety chocolate experience featuring a decadent set pudding (almost a truffle) filling that is as smooth as silk. Old time Chocolate...

Best Ever Key Lime Tart

Tarts are ever so much fussier than pies, don’t you think? Because of handy tart molds, the crusts are easier to finish off. An...’s Classic Pie Dough

If you want a dough that is a joy to work with, this one egg pastry is a must. The recipe yields a large...

Bistro Pear Pie

This is an oh-la-la pie. It has a harvest of pears in it, as well as a few apples (for body), and a touch...