Baker’s Tip #2 Flour the rolling pin (not the board)

Rolling pin covered in flour

Baker’s Tip #2 Flour the rolling pin (not the board)

Flour the Rolling Pin, not the Board?

New bakers often make a habit of too-liberally flouring the work board so that the dough doesn't stick. A good trick is to flour your rolling pin somewhat generously and flour the board very lightly. You don't want the dough ingesting too much flour. True, doughs won't stick if you overdue it with the dusting flour but you also run the risk of having a tough pastry, pie or cookie simply by changing the ratio of flour in the dough by virtue of too much flour on the work surface. So be delicate!

My trick is to flour the rolling pin first and at least in that way, the rolling pin won't stick to the dough and one tends to dust a rolling pin with far less flour (besides which too much flour would simply fall off; it's the law of gravity). You can also check the dough isn''t sticking by lifting up the edges and if there is sticking, using a metal long spatula to lift it up and away from the board and dust in a bit of flour.

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