September 2019 Recipes of the Month

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September 2019 Recipes of the Month

Enjoy the free recipe and other original recipes of the month! Happy baking from the BB Test Kitchen.

Recipes for September 2019

Free Recipe of the Month – Best Deep Dish Apple Cake

This is the best apple cake I know (except for my mother’s High Apple Pie)

 Blackberry Ricotta Scones
The most crisp and tender scones you’ll ever have!

Moist and Majestic Honey Cake
One of my most legendary creations. If you know someone that hates honey cake (or is it you?) give them a slice of this cake. It is a life-altering honey cake – it’s that good. Use a mild honey for this one – no buckwheat or dark honey.
Crumb Topped Sweet New Year’s Challah
It has the sweetness, the raisins but it also has a marvellous crumb topping elevating this holiday challah to a new level!

Chai Latte Shortbread Cookies
When people use the term ‘mouth-watering’ it’s usually hyperbole. In this recipe, it’s the truth – these are extraordinary shortbread cookies with the perfect amount of spice for a balmy early fall coffee klatch.








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