A Note from Marcy, September 2021

A Note from Marcy, September 2021

A Note from Marcy, September 2021

Dear fellow bakers and friends,

Judging from the humidity around here these days it still feels like high-summer but as balmy as it is, it definitely smells like fall. To underscore the seasonal shift, the maple leaves in front of my house are sporting brown-tinged leaves and both my basil and oregano plants are going to seed. Oh come on -  I really need more summer this year! We all do because another one of those '"real"-cosy falls is on the way if you get my drift. I've doubled down on my sweat pants collection. At any rate, that’s one of the impervious traits of weather – no matter what the temperature is, if the calendar reads Labour Day, then the trees mind their manners and the leaves fall and the geese go. Romance her all you want but Mother Nature is pretty flinty.

Speaking of flinty, I think I’ve become some version of that. Blame the pandemic among other things but I seemed to have morphed from my usual  Jane Austen ways into a different sort of deal. Maybe wearing a mask has released my inner beast but I’m having a harder time mingling with people. When I speak up, my voice seems to have gotten far louder since 2019 and sometimes I'm downright strident. Is my self-esteem growing or have I become a grouch? Bottom line: don’t take me to the local dollar store or anywhere around more than two people.

I’ve also been reviewing some interesting products, including this summer’s hot trend, the Ooni Outdoor Pizza Oven. Here are the links to my product review. https://betterbaking.com/oonio-koda-16-pizza-oven-for-authentic-artisnal-pizza/. I also discovered a honey swap for vegans from Be Sweet.

I’ve been reading so many books of late and inherited hosting duties at a second book club in the city. I'm a big hit with library folks. If there’s interest, I’d consider hosting a book club for Betterbaking.com folks, via Zoom. Let me know if any of you are interested. We could even talk baking at some point.


As you can see my Bagel book is finally available in print. Until now, only the Biscotti book was available in print. The next and newest cookbook is on Scones and then the Holiday Cookie Book will also be available in print.

Warm wishes everyone, happy Labor Day, and of course, a sweet, safe, beautiful New Year.

Marcy Goldman
Master Baker, Author
Est. 1997



Free Round Challah and Twisted Honey Cake

Apple Fritters

Roccoco Cookies

Jerusalem Bagels  https://betterbaking.com/recipe-items/jerusalem-bagels/

Ooni Outdoor Pizza Oven review



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