A Note From Marcy October 2023

A Note From Marcy October 2023

A Note From Marcy October 2023

Dear Fellow Bakers and Friends,

Welcome to the October 2023 Issue or what is approximately my 310th issue of Betterbaking.com. If anyone ever suggested I’m a quitter, there’s all those issues of BB to attest otherwise. I do bail on occasion but quit? Nope. Betterbaking is for me the one place I am assured there’s listeners, readers and friends and my notes to you fortify and center me as I hope they do you.

Achhkkk! Houston we have a problem, or Two Technical Notes

#1 Where’s the recipe!?!?!?!? Error page?

Some of you have written for the last month of so asking, where’s the recipe? How come I am getting an error page? Is it me or is it the website? No - it's not you. Recently my website had some core updates and as a consequence many recipes appeared if they're not there (resulting in error pages) when in fact they most certainly are. Please just send me whichever recipes have that result (recipe titles of recipes you’ve been searching for) and I will update them ASAP and you can access them once again. But at the same time there is a team working to fix all of this so that everything becomes fully available. Thanks for your understanding. No one appreciates the recipe archives more than I do!

#2 Subscribing to Betterbaking.com Issues

The second issue is about Subscribing to Betterbaking.com. That seems to be another technicality we’re working on as well. If you have any trouble with the Paid Subscription, please let me know. In the meanwhile, you’re free to send in a personal cheque which yes, I still accept. Please email me for the details. But the Subscribe to BB should be working soon.

And now onto October….

We used this month or a few weeks of this season Indian Summer. Now that name is done with. The term never made any sense to me anyway and so hence forth, I am ‘woke-fully’ renaming the season at hand as: Bittersweet Summer. That should aptly reference you to a bumper crop of mild days that sometimes, if you’re lucky and depending where you are, come in fits and starts from September through mid-November. I call this time of year Bittersweet Summer because it’s both summery whilst it’s full-out autumn in colourful trees and ripe apples. Still, it’s all bound to end before the snow comes; and trust me, this much is still true about our world. The snow will indeed grace our days in due time. So, it’s also ‘sweet’ for its short stay and a tad bitter because it’s on its way out.

Summery warm it may be but the floodgates of pumpkin and cinnamon can’t be held back any longer. It’s truly harvest time and the markets are bulging with baking possibilities. I invite you into the kitchen on a spice-laden, apple infused adventure. Bake a little, bake a lot, do something new, perfect something classic but let’s get messy together.

Warm wishes from my autumn kitchen to yours,

Marcy Goldman
Author, Master Baker
Est. 1997
Montreal, Canada

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