Best Bets in Cookware 2019

A blue pot with a lid on top of it.

Best Bets in Cookware 2019

2019 Best Cookware Bets
Nothing beats quality cookware, especially when it comes to stockpots and skillets or quality non-stick. Here’s a batch of newly tested cookware especially recommended by the Test Kitchen


Chantal’s Iconic Enamel on Steel 6 Quart Stockpot is a work of art!

If you want a hard-wearing but charming, wholly cozy looking stockpot (or saucepans, casseroles and more), German-made Chantal is pretty winning. The enamel finish inside is non-reactive (it can handle minestrone, onion soup and a scorching hot chili, no problem) but also easy-to-clean. Scorching is unlikely but anything stuck on is just a matter of soaking with hot soapy water and a touch of bleach. This pot has just the right heft to manage, even when filled to capacity. It heats up quick and even and does double duty if you’re feeding a crowd and want to serve directly from it, at the table — it’s that pretty! Enamel-on-steel is one of the most underrated types of cookware and it’s such a solid performer. It’s also chip resistant, looks brand new overtime and the glass lid allows you to keep the heat in while still seeing what’s going on inside. Just take care not to put it on maximum heat right away when making starchy things (bean soup) and it doesn’t need abrasive cleaners or scouring pads. A dishwasher cycle is all it needs to keep it clean as a whistle.A blue pot with a lid on top of it.








Induction or regular range, Chantal’s Induction 21 Steel is Spectacular

Not to be outdone by it’s enamel on-steel sister pot, Chantal has also newly launched the Induction 21 Steel line including this majestic 8 quart stock pot. It’s perfect for regular range or magnetic induction cooktop and is made of copper (for even conduction) titanium (heats quickly) and chromium (which prevents corrosion). This stockpot is a generous 8 quart and features the Chantal trademark glass lid with heat-resistant lid (no pot holders needed) and an easy pouring spout which is what you want whether you’re making a stocky soup like chicken or a starchy bean soup with some lumpy bits which can do with the spout to manage pouring the soup into freezer containers. This is also dishwasher safe and has a limited lifetime warranty. There are also complete sets of the Chantal Induction 21 Steel or you can buy the open stock sizes as needed.





Meyer Confederation Stainless Steel Stockpot from Canada

You have to love a jaunty Dutch oven that is big enough for a pot of homemade spaghetti sauce or can manage a batch of garden fresh, delicate cream of leek soup. This mirror-finish Dutch oven (or mid-size stockpot) from cookware giants, Meyer Corp. is hard to beat. Confederation is Meyer’s newest line of high quality cookware proudly manufactured in Canada. Made from18/10 stainless steel, and featuring an encapsulated bottom for efficient heat conduction that is safe for all cook tops of modern kitchens, including induction. Durable, secure riveted handles, no-drip lips, precision fitting lids, oven and dishwasher safe, the Confederation line is built to last and we stand behind it with an exceptional Lifetime Warranty. This pot heated quickly and nothing stuck, thanks to the encapsulated bottom but even full, wasn’t a super-heavy pot. For those who want durability and performance but don’t want to lift weights when they cook, this piece of cookware is a dream. It also came out of the dishwasher shiny as new.




Calphalon Classic Anodized Spill Proof Cookware

This 14-piece hard-anodized cookware set is a hard act to follow. For one thing, anodized cookware is far heavier-duty non-stick than coated non-stick cookware. Add spill-proof design, stay cool handles and mess-proof  inserts for some of the pots and then roll it all up with Calphalon aesthetics and heft of design, and you have an heirloom set of cookware.

Innovative No-Boil-Over inserts put a stop to messy spills when making pasta, rice, potatoes, and beans — giving you the freedom to focus on other tasks while cooking. The BPA-free silicone insert recirculates boiling water back into the pot. Easily season and stir through the insert’s center opening, and remove the insert with confidence without touching the pot thanks to the stay-cool tabs. Calphalon Classic non-stick cookware is constructed from hard-anodized aluminum and features convenient measuring marks, pour spouts, and tempered glass lids with integrated strainers.


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