TrusTea from Ireland, fine teas for the discerning palate

A bag of tea is shown with the label.

TrusTea from Ireland, fine teas for the discerning palate

I drink a lot of tea from many different companies but over the years I’ve only had two favorites: Harney and Sons Fine Teas and Upton Tea Imports (I love their River Shannon Tea). But now I have a new favorite (and bear in mind each of these companies tea sensibility is quite different). My new favorite is from trusTea from Ireland. I found them while sussing out Assam or Irish Breakfast tea which is a preferred brew of mine. Based in Dublin, launched in 2018 by a young family this company knows tea! How do I know? Because one sip was so startlingly good it was impossible not to notice.

First of all trusTEA is quick to point out that teabag tea is made from ‘tea dust’ and tea fannings which results in sometimes bitter teas with too much astringency. By contrast, TrusTEA uses superb quality leaf tea, expertly chosen and blended to the highest standards. This accounts for superlative, quality black teas, herbals and blends of both.



A teapot and some bags of tea on the table

Their Irish Breakfast Tea is a traditional black tea blend but it both hearty and smooth. Their award winning Pina Colada Tea is a sweet fruity tea that is a beautiful fusion of coconut and pineapple and one of the best fruit teas I’ve ever had. If you like herbal teas TrusTEA’s Four Thieves Tea is a must. It is fragrant with natural sage thyme, lavender and rosemary and its caffeine free brew is good plain or with a touch of honey. For a luxurious tea TrusTEA’s remarkable Morning Delight Bourbon Vanilla is a perfect afternoon or after dinner tea.

What I also like about TrusTEA is that they’ve taken special care to perfect their tea picking and crafting and offer a select repertoire of ten fine teas versus too many flavors and approaches which some companies do covering up inferior teas in a lot of flavors.

These are simply elegant, beautiful teas from a fine new company. Totally recommended.



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