Capresso Kettles Combine Aesthetics and Function in a Beautiful Way!

Capresso Kettles Combine Aesthetics and Function in a Beautiful Way!

Capresso Kettles Combine Aesthetics and Function in a Beautiful Way!

Capresso Kettles

Classic Glass or Spiffy Stainless Steel Pour Over? Two kettles, unlimited possibilities!

I have a kettle fetish – that’s not a surprise to those who know me and I’m always looking for a perfect kettle and my criterion (in electric kettles) is ever the same: capacity, style, auto turn off and simply efficient as well as aesthetic. Capresso offers two beauties that fulfil all these points.

H20 Plus Capresso Glass Kettle

First is Capresso's classic, clear, H20 Plus glass kettle. Sure, there are many electric glass kettles out there but this one is just a beauty to behold. It’s a lovely carafe design that stands out on its own and on your counter. I love seeing what I am pouring and/or how much water is left and while it is a hefty 48 ounce capacity, it appears to be quite compact. It turns off to avoid boiling dry and you can also place the kettle, with heated water, directly on the counter. German-made Schott Duran © glass makes this a durable kettle and it’s also particularly quiet. It’s unusually well-priced for what is essentially a designer kettle that is a turn-to kettle for so many kitchen needs, beyond tea and coffee.


Capresso Gooseneck Electric Kettle

Move over from the classic glass electric Capresso kettle and just take a look at what they’ve done with the third wave coffee movement gooseneck kettle! Lots of companies make one but the choices in automatic, electric ones are few. This one is outstanding. It has a large capacity (40 big ounces), and the gooseneck tested beautifully in that it made artisanal teas (at any temperature setting in 1 degree settings from 140 F to 212 F) ) and pour-over coffee perfectly. It’s also quite a mindful thing as you pour it slowly and gently to make your hot beverage but happily, if you forget it’s tea or coffee time, there’s a wonderful 30 minute keep-warm option you can set it to. It also has an automatic, never boil dry, thermal cut-off built in. This is probably the nicest, best priced pour over, goose neck kettle on the market. A great gift along with some gourmet teas and fair trade coffee.


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