December 2022 A Note from Marcy

A cake with white frosting and almonds on top.

December 2022 A Note from Marcy

Dear Friends and Fellow Bakers,

Welcome to the December 2022 issue of! It's the last issue of the year and it's packed with special offerings in recipes, cookbooks and subscriptions! This is my sugar-and-spice edition of BB and I've spent many delightful hours baking it all up fresh for you.

It’s finally beginning to feel a bit like Kwanza, Hanukkah and Christmas. This isn’t just because of snowflakes-on-the-way but because life feels a wee bit more normal lately. Not old normal or new normal but just…normal. I no longer view where I am as bookmark between then and now (e.g. Before Covid, Almost Post Covid). For a long time I’ve been on hold waiting for something to eventuate or looking for some outer signal letting me know what my inner weather should be. That pistol shot announcing the race never came. So - I’m done. From now on, I’m taking my marching orders from the inside out and getting on with life. Apparently, this is it. So I up and on my way to new adventures or just reclaiming my regular life, albeit with some tweaks.

Hanukkah Cookies are always a treat!  My perfect sugar cookie dough works for any holiday cookie cut out!

To compliment this new burst of energy, I’ve also made some changes: no more Instagram, Facebook Marketplace and Netflix. I’ve reinstated meditation, daily yoga and replaced books instead of internet browsing although Black Friday sales threatened my new resolve. Consequently, I’m getting calmer and getting more done. Abandoning digital life offers back great swaths of unblemished time. My house is cleaner, the freezer is getting  packed with pie dough, pie fillings and a myriad of soups.

I figured out better food ways (never say diet), and the physical activities I enjoy that are long-term sustainable. I've enjoyed so many new books (check out The Impossible Us if you like quantum romances) and get lost in reading the way one used to - before digital distractions.

It’s about consistency in all things. This easier-going effort reduces the pressure I used to anticipate on January 1st. That one day used to be the occasion I'd embark in an abrupt do-over that was always too ambitious. It was oh-so-exciting, brimming with potential but it never lasted.  How could it? Now I do small steps, incremental habit changes and stay the course. Exciting? Tik-Tok worthy? Nah. But the success is emerging and it's not hard to just carry on, carrying on. I am, you should pardon the expression, a lifestyle improvement 'long-hauler'.

So where does this holiday season find you? Waiting? Recharging? Carrying on? Resting, reading, healing or discovering? Or all of the above plus baking like me?

In other news, I’m thrilled to share some special recipes for the holidays and you’ll find them all below in this newsletter as well as remind you the BB special is ending AND? My e-cookbooks are over 50% off this month!

Over 50% OFF All My e-Cookbooks for the month of December!

I just made every single e-cookbook of mine over 50% off on Amazon. The lower price should also be on other related Amazon sites until December 31 2022. This is a great stocking-stuff or any-night-of-Hanukkah gift. As always, any cookbook purchase garners you two bonus free months access to the website.

Marcy Goldman Cookbooks on Sale! Over 50% off!

Best Holiday Cookies

A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking

The Newish Jewish Cookbook

The New Best of

The Baker’s Four Seasons

A Passion for Baking

When Bakers Cook

Best Biscotti

Best Scones

Best Bagels

Just so you know, I’m totally smitten by the holidays. Frankly I could hardly choose within the BB Recipe Archives from shortbread, to classic sugar cookies, stollen, gingerbread, Italian butter balls, Ikea Cinnamon Buns and on and on. But whatever you bake, I hope it’s brimming with good taste, beauty and love. The best gift you can give someone is your time and energy and baking wraps that all up in a sweet package.

Warm wishes for all your celebratory moments this December. May your holidays be warm and bright and as always, sweet times from my kitchen to yours,

Marcy Goldman
Master Baker, Author
Montreal, Canada

Recipes for December 2022

Free Recipe Panetonne!

This is gorgeous - the perfect hospitality cake or a gift offering. I've modernized the traditional panettone with some contemporary perks but it's still the authentic, rich, feathery sweet yeast affair that is now trending. Use oversized coffee cans as the mold or a spring-form pan with parchment paper sides to support it as it rises and bakes.

Double-Rolled Hanukkah Rugulah
This is outrageous – a break-the-mold rugulah recipe that will be your new go-to. There is a unique (quick and easy) secret method to its incredible flakiness and buttery taste. Like all rugulah, it’s versatile as per what you fill it with. This is a sour-cream based rugulah and in IMHO worth the price of this whole issue of BB. This recipe needs a patent.

White Chocolate Raspberry Almond Babka
This is a beautiful, moist babka that does double-duty as a Christmas treat or Hanukkah dessert. It's moist but pastry-like and slices like a dream!


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