Nest Bedding’s Easy Breather Pillow (and a discount!)

Nest Bedding's Easy Breather Pillow (and a discount!)

Nest Bedding’s Easy Breather Pillow (and a discount!)

Nest Pillow Ever from Nest Bedding
And 8 % discount for folks – Nest Bedding Pillow Promises a Sweet Sleep
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Be aware I try every product I recommend and generally I seek out great products versus promoting (still worthy) companies who approach me first. Such was the case recently. Before Covid 19 hit,  I was testing out memory foam pillows determined to get a good night’s sleep. I had a great bed, decent sheets, but I was lame in the pillow game. Consistent good night’s sleep was still elusive.

Like so many of us, I did everything you’re supposed to do to ensure good sleep hygiene but I had neglected the pillow. So then I started investigating all sorts of pillows before focusing on memory foam pillows. Just to be clear, I also tested feather and down pillows, weighted blankets, lavender wafting white noise radios, Egyptian cotton sheets and considered slept at both ends of my bed to change things up. I tried pillows that were too soft, too firm, too suction-like, too thin, and too thick. I woke up with headaches and neck pains quite often. Price was no object either. It gets to a point you’re willing to pay anything for a good night’s sleep. Then I disovered the Easy Breather from Nest Bedding. I liked the idea of an American made product and a family run business. Their specialty seems to be mattresses but their pillows are stellar. With over 1800 5-star online reviews for a pillow can’t be wrong and they’re not. The 30-day comfort guarantee was reassuring but one night with the Easy Breather and I’ve never looked back. It just has the right about of everything: softness, firmness, support and flexibility. It seems custom made for me – at least until everyone who tried my pillow agreed and the last person (someone I am sheltering with) stole the pillow for good. Clearly, it seems custom made for everyone! Check out the site and these links and for

The Nest Bedding bestselling Easy Breather Pillow

Wellness starts here!

You can watch a demo here :

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