Best Pie Tins Ever New Vintage! Canyon Crow Home Pie Pans

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Best Pie Tins Ever New Vintage! Canyon Crow Home Pie Pans

Vintage Pie Pan Still My Best Pick - Colorful Enamel on Steel is Country Pretty and Makes Great Pies!


Canyon Crow Home New Vintage Bake and Cookware
As a baker, finding the perfect pie pan is a constant mission. I have a few I adore including anything by Emile Henry but I have one enamel on metal that’s the one I most usually reach for. How I wished I remembered where I got it because nothing is better for pie than enamel on steel. Then I found the company still creating this fantastic line of cook and bakeware: Canyon Crow Home. I have their bowls as well for mixing batters and presenting salads, their square pans for cornbread and Parker House Rolls and of course,  their stunning pie pans that are a generous 10 inches. Nothing sticks (in clean up) to these pans but the rustic, golden brown finish they give to pies make them my first choice. They are pretty, country-fresh and light to handle. These sort of cookware, also called graniteware was once the choice of pioneers and settlers. In 2020, Canyon Crow Home products still make sense. Plus they’re priced well and in mint condition (because they’re new) versus Etsy or Ebay originals that are over-priced and often (alas) have chips from decades of wear. Making a pie or anything else? Visit Canyon Crow and go back in time but still come up in the now!


Canyon Crow Home 


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