August 2018 A Note from Marcy

August 2018 A Note from Marcy

August 2018 A Note from Marcy

Dear Bakers and Friends,

Welcome to the August 2018 Issue of!

I always think July is seriously summer but this unusually hot August along with no a/c (it  bust) has me convinced that we’re still in the heart of it. It reminds me of a basic baker’s credo, which is how do you know you really love someone?  You know because you bake for them even when it’s 30 C outside (90 F for my American friends) and there’s no air conditioning whatsoever.  Baking in hot weather is exactly what I’ve been doing lately. I’ve been creating recipes for you, for family and, for example, a friend is getting a spice cake with caramel glaze tonight when they come for salad supper. Little do they know. Because I bake even when it’s too hot (but I bake early in the day).

New Cookbook!

I should hype new cookbooks more than I do but I like to wait until I have them bagged which means, the bulk of a manuscript is somewhat under control and happily, I’m now at that point. My testers have done an amazing job, making kugels and briskets, among other things, all summer long. No one should make brisket out of season but they have. That should also tell you the book is The Newish Jewish Cookbook! It’s all cooking, no baking and the book is definitely closer to the next stage (editing and then production). I’m hoping to release it this fall. It’s over 150 recipes and yes, who else would give you a book that has its own kugel chapter? I just happen to think kugel is so important.

Here’s a prototype of the book cover!

My testers are exceptional and the team now beavering away on your (and my behalf) are outstandingly talented, generous and energetic. But best of all, they are also all positive. This is not just because I naturally magnetize positive people to my cause but I’ve learned to be discerning in picking my team. When you’re building a huge new thing (which a cookbook is), you need all hands on deck along with attitudes that are beaming with encouragement, even when mistakes are found or a recipe doesn’t perform. Recipe testing is only one part of the Big Life Thing.

Beautiful herb and tomato focaccia! Free recipe of the month!

The lesson of surrounding yourself with positive people is the same no matter what you’re involved in. So never underestimate the power of positivity nor underestimate the damage, even subtle, incremental damage, even mildly toxic vibrations can bring you. It’s not woo-woo, it’s ah, science. Like energy attracts like energy – Einstein said it before Wayne Dyer so be careful who you bake with. And when you bake, take a breath, smile, think good thoughts and stir until smooth.

By the way, if you’re not following me on Instagram, you are missing tons of amazing recipe photos. If you’re not following me on, you’re missing free recipes! Plus, as a writer, I could use you ‘reading’ as well as baking with me.

Warm wishes,

Marcy Goldman
Author, Master Baker
Est. 1997

Free Recipe! Summery Focaccia!


Banana Raspberry Muffins



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