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A kitchen mixer on the counter with some utensilsCulinary stuff, ingredients, great kitchenware, lifestyle products including Beauty and Perfumes, consumer electronics, yoga mats, and more! We love testing and review products for our readers!

Welcome to our Product Reviews where you’ll find our profiles on kitchen ware, baking equipment, ingredients, consumer electronics, lifestyle and home ambience products. Since 1997, BB has covered everything from the latest in trends, tools, equipment, ingredients and anything else we think are awesome products that we think our visitors would enjoy knowing about.

Our BB Test Kitchen tests out each and every product from the best vanilla or spicy cinnamon, state-of-the art mixers, toasters, coffee makers, great knives or beautiful aprons and chef’s jackets. We also have a vibrant interest in sourcing out chimes, journals, nifty watches, fine pens, yoga wear, tango shoes, music and more. We’re just fascinated by great stuff - no matter what. Oh, did we mention wonderful tango shoes, yoga wear, chef's aprons and jackets and handbags?  If you sign up for our newsletter, you'll always have a head's up on our most recent reviews.

Spode's Special Edition Coronation ware and Harney's Teas

Marcy Goldman's Original Matzoh Buttercrunch, aka Matzoh Crack!

Be Sweet Honey Substitutes for Baking

Capresso Kettles, Two Choices, Unlimited Possibilities

Hamilton Beach Variable Temperature Kettle

Nest Bedding Easy Breather

Breville Rockstar Smart Toaster Oven

Api-Flex Beeswax Resuable Food Wrap

Ankascrum Swedish Mixer

TrusTea from Ireland


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