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Biscuits - Doughnuts

Sherry Currant Tea Biscuits

Buttery sherry-flavored biscuits. These are best served hot with churned honey or sweet orange whipped butter and a pot of Earl Grey.

Southern Style Buttermilk Biscuits

The classic. Flakey, light, golden - these are pretty well culinary history but melt on the tongue like any good biscuit. Great with fried...

Southern Style Flaky Biscuits

Just the thing to serve with picnic chicken. Barely handle these for best results. If you can get hold of White Lily flour, you will rewarded...

Stilton, Cheddar and Orange Cheshire Cheese Biscuits

A cheese biscuit or mini scone with character.

Tear ‘N Share Garlic Biscuits

Puffy, light golden biscuits fuse together under a halo of garlic, herbs, cheese and butter. Pull apart and enjoy – alongside eggs or fried...

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Biscuit Pudding

Pecan or pumpkin biscuits would also be good here or thrown in a handful of toasted chopped pecans but plain, buttery baking biscuits in...

Utah Fried Scones

These are more like fried dough than scones. They are big stretched out ovals of a lightly sweet dough, fried quickly and topped with...

Vermont Sharp Cheddar Scones or Biscuits

Serve these with homemade chili or scrambled eggs or alone, with hot coffee and no one else around to see you've devoured 3 at...

Welsh Tea Cakes

Lovely with tea - as the name suggests,. these are wee little butter cookies with a touch of spice, decked out with diced dried...

Yeasted Blueberry Scones

These yeasted scones are an adaptation of a recipe given to me by George Fenn. According to George, the bakery was started by the...