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The BB Recipe Archives is a treasury as well as a comprehensive resource of sumptuous baking and cooking recipes that I've developed for my visitors. It's home to over 2500 of my original creations most of which are not found in my cookbooks. New and exciting recipes are being added all the time. Can't find what you're looking for or need baking help? Just contact

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Master Dough Recipes

Orange and Oil Hamantaschen Dough

This orange-scented dough made with oil is extra quick and easy and produces crisp, old-fashioned (bubbie style) hamantashen. This is the homey dough most...

Rumanian Strudel Dough

Recipe includes some suggested fillings.

Self-Rising Flour (homemade)

Self Rising flour is a specialty of Southern baking but it's certainly nationally available and a flour homemakers used since the 50's or so...

Sour Cream Mock Puff Pastry

This is ideal for homemade strudels, hors d’oeuvres, potato knishes, quiche, pies or tarts. It freezes like a dream and you can made a...

Sour Cream Pie Dough

A variation on the traditional "pate brisee". You can use all butter (I prefer it) or shortening - if you want a flakier pastry...

Sour Cream Yeast Rugulah

Melt in your mouth.

Spelt & Whole Wheat and Flax Seed Bagels

Spelt is one of those highly nutritious ancient wheats. People with gluten sensitivity sometimes find it easier to digest but for anyone seeking added...

Techniques of Pie Dough and More – The...

The skinny on basic pie dough techniques.

Thirty Second Classic Pie Dough

This is a classic pastry used by the professionals. Use it for any filling or presentation.

Traditional Rugulah Dough

This is what I think of when I think of caterer or bakery style rugulah. Crisp and tasty, not too rich, not too dry....