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The BB Recipe Archives is a treasury as well as a comprehensive resource of sumptuous baking and cooking recipes that I've developed for my visitors. It's home to over 2500 of my original creations most of which are not found in my cookbooks. New and exciting recipes are being added all the time. Can't find what you're looking for or need baking help? Just contact

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Apricot Crostata

A crisp and buttery crostata dough cradles a nest of apricot slices. Crostata’s always look like a pro did it!   Pastry  2 1/2...

Apricot Kolaches or Apricot Pockets

This Czech pastry has many different names and many European bakers make a variation on this sour-cream dough, filled with fresh and beautiful apricot...

Banana Bread Cream Cheese Scones with Maple Glaze

These maple-glazed, mellow banana scones smell and taste like freshly baked banana bread but sport a pastry pedigree. These are silken banana bread treats...

Best Tomato Tart

If you’ve never had a fresh tomato tart, you are missing something. This is a taste experience that amalgamates pizza, quiche and a savory...

Brioche Strawberry Buns

Nothing beats this easy brioche dough but when you add fresh strawberries and a cream cheese frosting it rises to a 5-star recipe. 1/3...

Classic Bacon Cheese Quiche

What amazes me about quiche is a lot. First of all it’s so easy but results in something beautifully elegant and flexible to serve...

Classic Steamed Christmas Pudding

A version of this appears almost everywhere and the one I originally saw was in The Way to Cook, by our beloved reine de...

Double-Rolled Hanukkah Rugulah

This is outrageous – a  break-the-mold rugulah recipe that will be your new go-to.  There is a unique (quick and easy) secret method to...

Hazelnut Walnut Linzertorte Wedges

A torte in name only.

Hot and Sweet Peach Cobbler

I love this updated classic cobbler with a touch of spice and from habanero pepper and cinnamon. Just taste test your peaches before baking...