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Biscuits - Doughnuts

Canadian Beaver Tails (Fried Dough)

 Not too sweet, not too rich, this dough is stretched and briefly fried (a wok is fine) before being tossed with sugar and cinnamon....

Cast Iron Skillet Cornbread

Classic, fragrant, golden corn bread. Quick as lightening and better than croissants with fried chicken 'n gravy.

Cheddar Asiago Bacon Scones

A trendy, zesty cheese scone that uses both Wisconsin Asiago and sharp cheddar, as we; as a shower of crisp bacon for a smokey, extravagant scone...

Cheese Shortbread Straws

These are cocktail nibbles and salsa dippers

Chocolate Glazed Doughnuts

Made with an extra-moist potato-yeast dough

Chunky Caramel Scones

Make these scones free form with a large ice cream scoop or in tuna cans. Clean the cans thoroughly of course.

Classic Golden Buttermilk Biscuits

Pioneer cooks relied on fresh buttermilk for extra light biscuits. Try substituting plain yogurt or Saco buttermilk powder. If using for shortcake, reduce salt...

Classic Scones

Big, beautiful crusty with both whipping cream and fresh buttermilk makes these scones extra rich and flaky. Perfect for tea and slathering on butter...

Classic Southern Cornsticks

These cornsticks are best-eaten-when hot and dripping with melted butter. You can also make these as small muffins or in a cast iron skillet...

Cream Cheese Butter Layered Biscuits

Folding butter into these cream-cheese rich biscuits makes them the winningest biscuits for Thanksgiving or any other time. Stonewall Kitchens is renown for their amazing...