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Fillings - Jams - Glazes

Ground Poppy Seed Filling

For any pastry calling for poppy seed or "mun" filling

Hungarian Strudel Poppy Seed Filling

Such flavor from a speck

Hungarian Strudel Walnut Filling

The hearty flavor or walnuts in a deilghtful filling

Italian Plum Jam

This delight puts commercial plum jam to shame - speaking of which, it's hard enough to even find commercial plum jam!

Jewish Baker’s Cornstarch Glaze

This is a typical mixture that professional bakers use to get that characteristic sheen on their rye loaves.

Layered ‘N Baked Best Ever Cranberry Sauce

Oven bake this incredible gourmet cranberry sauce. The oven deep bakes the flavor so the fruits meld just so, and no mixing and pot-watching...

Lemon Prune Hamantaschen Filling

Commercial filling is fine, but this homemade version is much more flavorful and appealingly tart and sweet. Even people who eschew prunes seem to...

Lemon-Lime Hamantaschen

14.00 These are wonderful, tart and refreshing. I sometimes make them with a cheesecake...

Mango Apricot Hamantaschen Filling

This is what happens when new age meets Old Testament – a paradise flavoured filling. This is sublime. I use iced Green Tea in...

Meyer Lemon Hamantashen

Refreshing Meyer Lemon curd is the perfect filling in these traditional pastries, the tang of the citrus is lovely against the buttery hamantashen. Use...